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Becoming a Home Vision AR affiliate is free-however, we do have an application process. We are looking for affiliates that know the Real Estate market and have worked as a real estate agent, for a property management company, or a home builder.


We partner with real estate professionals that represent Home Vision AR as brand ambassadors to grow the use of Home Vision AR. You provide the customers and we will track the homes they use the Home Vision AR platform in, sending you $50.00 USD per home!

Free marketing material

We will provide you with marketing material as requested and you start with videos, photos, logo and sales templates provided to you during your onboard process.


Earn $50.00 for every new home that is added by a customer you refer to Home Vision AR. 3 year tracking and monthly payouts As you provide customers, we will track their usage over a 3-year period and distribute your income on a monthly basis.


  • What is Home Vision AR?Home Vision AR is an augmented Reality Platform for the real estate industry. After 3D scanning the home, Home Vision AR allows the customer to place AR elements or icons that are linked to information such as videos, photos, PDF documents, and audio files. Home builders can highlight options, property management companies can address frequently asked questions and market local attractions, and real estate agents can highlight a homes feature to boost demand and attract more listings. Among the easy to access and use software, these are just a few things that Home Vision AR can offer their clients.

  • Who is eligible for the Home Vision AR affiliate Program?We prefer individuals who have experience in one of our target markets (home sales, home construction, or property management). You must be 18 years old. If you are interested in becoming a Home Vision AR affiliate, please click the “join for free” button and fill in the application form.

  • How does the Home Vision AR affiliate program work?Once accepted as an affiliate you will be provided with a contact from Home Vision AR. As you onboard potential leads you will provide the name, email, address, and company of each lead to your point of contact. When that lead becomes a customer by signing up to Home Vision AR through the website, each home purchased by that user will be credited to you and a $50.00 dollar payment will be sent at the end of each month. As an example, if you provide the name of a property manager and they install home Vision in 100 vacation homes you would be paid $50.00 x 100 homes = $5,000 during year 1 as they bring the 100 homes online. You would then be paid an additional 5,000 for year 2 and year 3 as they remain a customer and are charged their annual fee.

  • How do payouts work?To receive payment, we must have a W-9 on file, and you must have an active bank account to accept the money transfer. Each month the number of homes your provided leads used Home Vision AR in will be totaled and $50 dollars will be transferred to your account. You will receive a breakdown of the number of homes and users that generated the payment.

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Employment Application

Applicant Information

Full Name Address Phone Email Start Date Are you a U.S citizen? Have you ever worked in real estate? (ie. for a builder, home sales, or property management / vacation rentals? Have you ever worked for this company? If yes, who? Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If yes, explain.


High School Address From To Did you graduate?
Diploma College Address From To Did you graduate? Degree Other Address From To Did you graduate? Degree


Please list up to three professional references.
Full Name Relationship Company Phone Address
Full Name Relationship Company Phone Address
Full Name Relationship Company Phone Address

Previous Employment

Company Address Phone Supervisor Job Title Responsibilites From To Reason for Leaving May we contact your previous supervisor for reference?
Company Address Phone Supervisor Job Title Responsibilites From To Reason for Leaving May we contact your previous supervisor for reference?

Millitary Service

Branch From To Rank at Discharge Type of Discharge If other than honorable, explain

Disclaimer and Signature

I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.
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